Pressure Inspections (PSSR)

PSSR is an abbreviation for Pressure Systems Safety Regulations.

Under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000, a written scheme of examination is required for most pressure systems. Exempted systems are listed in the Regulations. Generally speaking, only very small systems are exempted.

If you have any compressed air or refrigerant systems that operate above 250 Bar / Litres (Working Pressure of Vessel in Bar x Volume of the Vessel in Liters), you must have a Written Scheme of Examination in place before you even turn on your system. This is in accordance with The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR).

Pressure (PSSR) - Black Country Safety Inspections


This is a data plate from an Air Receiver. This is an example of how to see if your Air Receiver requires a Written Scheme of Examination.

The Volume is 270 Litres. The maximum working pressure (PS) is 11 Bar.

270 L x 11 Bar = 2970 Bar Litres which is >250 Bar Litres, which requires a Written Scheme of Examination and Periodic Inspection.


Pressure (PSSR) - Black Country Safety Inspections Pressure (PSSR) - Black Country Safety Inspections


Below is the Regulation statement in the PSSR 2000 Approved Code of Practice;

‘The user of an installed system and owner of a mobile system shall not operate the system or allow it to be operated unless he has a written scheme for the periodic examination, by a competent person, of the following parts of the system.’

The Written Scheme of ExamPressure (PSSR) - Black Country Safety Inspectionsination identifies the pressurised items and protective devices and any other part of the system that may give rise to danger. These items can include

  • Air receivers
  • Refrigerant Receivers
  • Safety Valves/Pressure Relief Valves
  • Air oil receivers (If above 250 Bar Litres)
  • Drain Valves
  • Pressure Gauges

The Written scheme will allow you to identify the potentially dangerous items and how often they are inspected.

Many are unaware of the law, using pressure equipment without a written scheme of examination in place. Black Country Safety can ensure you are Legal, safe and compliant.

If you need advice or a quote to create a Written Scheme of Examination, or conduct your thorough inspections in accordance with a Written Scheme, get in touch.

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